Safety Guidelines Every Parent Must Know and Teach Their Children:


Good safety revolves around establishing EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION with your children.

Your children should always inform you of their whereabouts: WHERE they are going, HOW will they get there, WHO they will be with and WHEN they will return home.
Make it a rule that your children must obtain permission from you, before getting into a car or leaving with anyone (even a family member or someone that they know).
Your children must inform you if their plans have changed in any way and give you any new necessary information.
Teach your children not to accept anything from anyone without obtaining your
Have your children use the “buddy system.” They should never be in a situation that leaves them isolated or a potential target for predators. Teach them that it is safer to be with friends when going places or playing outside.
Children must know that they have the RIGHT TO SAY NO if anyone tries to touch them in a way that makes them feel frightened, confused or uncomfortable.
Learn about your children's friends and their families before allowing them to make plans together.
Make time for your children. Make them feel comfortable sharing with you their joys, sorrows, anger, desires and secrets. Keep in mind that most children DO NOT reveal everything.
As parents, you need to learn to respond rather than react to your children. You can obtain more information by responding and keeping the lines of communication open. You can always react later!
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is the key to GOOD SAFETY. It will bring YOU and your CHILDREN closer!.

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