John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted” (the longest running television show on the Fox Network), is responsible for capturing nearly 1,000 fugitives during the shows 20 year career. John has dedicated his life to protecting the innocent as a result of the tragic disappearance and death of his son, Adam. His commitment and determination to never let Adam’s death be in vain, has led him to become America’s number one crusader in the fight to protect children.

Assuming the role of leader for child safety advocacy, Mr. Walsh worked tirelessly as the driving force in the passing of very important child protection legislation.
Mr. Walsh has been honored five times by four Presidents: Ronald Regan (twice), George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. On July 27, 2006 President George W. Bush signed into law the “Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act”, once again honoring John and Revé Walsh on the 25 year anniversary of Adam’s death. This national law expands the National Sex Offender Registry and strengthening federal penalties for crimes against children.

John Walsh passionately endorses the DNA LifePrint Safety Program because he recognizes the absolute necessity of the crucial investigative tools the Program provides. Through his own tragic experience, and the thousands of victims and dozens of abducted children he fights to bring home safely, Mr. Walsh recognizes the need for the technology and vital tools provided to families by our Program; as it greatly assists law enforcement in the recovery of a missing child.

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