The Truth

For over ten years, we've made specimen collection as simple as swabbing a cheek and dropping an envelope in the mail. Our DNA collection method is trusted by legal and medical professionals. Whether looking to verify one's status as a father or hoping to rule out such a possibility, DNA LifePrint's DNA Paternity Test can provide a fast, accurate and reliable answer.

Our laboratory analyzes markers according to the FBI-developed CODIS system; focusing on important genetic signposts that produce accurate results. Every test is conducted twice, ensuring exclusion certainties of 100% and inclusion probabilities exceeding 99.99%.

Our services are appropriate for use in legal determinations and for personal verification. Regardless of the application, clients enjoy the same level of meticulous attention to detail and high levels of accuracy.

• Fast, Accurate Results
• Personal Attention
• Strict Confidentiality

DNA Paternity Test
(1 alleged father & 1 child, mother optional)

Additional alleged fathers or children. Add Special specimens
(e.g., toothbrush, licked envelope, cigarette butt)

Additional-Legal DNA Paternity Test
(1 alleged father & 1 child, mother optional)

Immigration DNA Paternity Testing

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